SUMMER is coming make it WATERPROOF!

It is so fun to look forward to the warmth of the summer SUN! It will be here before we know it! There is nothing better than being able to enjoy the summer activities with family & friends without worrying about your eyebrows transferring off in the heat with a simple wipe or smudge! Maybe its time to think about getting your eyebrows or Eyeliner done PERMANENTLY… making your life a whole lot easier!
Did you know that having your EYELINER OR EYEBROWS DONE PERMANENTLY will save you about 2 hours a month or 24 hours a year! WOW!
Just today after touching up a new client, she said this: “I will be turning 60 next month and I was really needing something to boost my spirits. My new Eyebrows did the trick! I LOVE them! Gina was Fabulous! I should have done this sooner” –Leslie Clark, UT
Call today to make your Summer a lot more happy and… WATERPROOF!
Leslie C