Top Lash Lift and Tint in Utah

NOW, WE ANNOUNCE The NEW professional “LASH LIFT and TINT” service.
NEW and IMPROVED! Simply Gorgeous!

lash-lift-3-picWe here at UTAH PERMANENT COSMETICS have been doing lash perming for years now, but NOW IT totally ROCKS! It used to be called lash perm and tint. Now, the products are better, and the process is quicker and more effective.

It is wonderful in the beauty industry how products & techniques continually change and advance!
It is time to leave the old behind as we move into NEW, UPDATED products & services.

In the beauty business with hair, skin, & most importantly, Permanent Makeup, it is important to stay on the cutting edge of learning and continued education.
Gina Hamilton at Utah Permanent Cosmetics is dedicated to continued education and constant learning so as to keep you, her clients looking your very best, feeling a little more perfect, and adding to your overall sense of self esteem & confidence!
So… in a nutshell, the old “EYELASH PERM &TINT SERVICE has turned into:

“LASH LIFT AND TINT” SERVICE is $125.00. Now accepting appointments!

This is quickly gaining greater notice & popularity. Here’s the skinny:

  • A LASH LIFT AND TINT will help to strengthen eyelashes and make them invulnerable to adverse environmental factors, keeping them curled and ready to go each and every morning!
  • The curl lasts up to 4-6 weeks without having to be re-done.
  • Process takes about an hour for BOTH LASH LIFT AND TINT.

lash-lift-cropped-pic-1A Lash Lift is seriously the answer to straight seemingly unnoticed lashes. It is the Bomb for curling your lashes into lovely natural seductive, eye opening beauties.
The lift keeps the lashes curled so well and beautifully defined, that some don’t even wear mascara! It is totally up to you.
Go natural or apply make up without having to use an eye lash curler.
Not having to wear mascara is freeing and easy. Lashes are enhanced with just a light swish of Vaseline or Aquaphor to add a slight glisten & separation to the lashes. Beautiful and simple!

Call today for your Lash Lift service.



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