Don’t Take EyeBrow Shortcuts! It’s Permanent!

Lately I have been so shocked at how many new guests are contacting me asking for help after having work done from another tech applying their Permanent Make Up Poorly.
This is PERMANENT Ladies. you have to do your homework.
I really have been thinking about this as I know we all want a deal!
The truth is that you really do GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. In other words, if you look for someone to apply Permanent make up at a discounted or cheap price… that may be exactly what you get and it will end up costing you more later. Remember this is the first thing someone will see and the “frame” of an eyebrow is critical on your face.
Chances are that those offering a “deal” … well they most likely have not been doing Permanent Make Up very long or are just beginning ( as those offering deals through GROUPON… GOOGLE THAT AND SEE ALL THE SCARY WORK) and they need guinea Pigs to work on. Other Taiwan type shops are doing this for less money but there again you are getting a one size fits all fast Brow (food) drive through.
I am sending more and more women to SLC in my area (about 90 minutes south of here) to have removal of the poorly placed pigment by someone else, so they can have the opportunity to start correctly and get a beautiful brow they desire. Putting lipstick on a pig or adding color to poor work is not going to make it look any prettier. Just saying.
The way to make sure you are getting what you think you really want is to look at the actual “work”. Look at the pictures! Make sure they are their own and have been watermarked by them.
I know of many sites who do not show their own work or use pictures that have been photoshopped.
Here at Utah Permanent Cosmetics you see exactly what they look like and as they looked when the photo was taken.
We do NOT PHOTOSHOP here or disguise anything in any way.
What you see is Gina Hamilton’s work right after the client is finished and in some cases the exact way that the skin healed.
Many people do not understand that losing color is normal. After your first appointment you will lose approximately 20-30% of some of the color depending on your skin type and also how you take care of the skin during the healing process.
We always schedule what we call the “perfection Session” 4-6 weeks later after the initial appointment to make sure the color is “in” the skin and it looks beautiful, symmetrical as much as each face structure allows. Almost ALL Faces are asymmetrical. You find this out quickly when you have Permanent Make Up done and the artist if a good one will show you exactly how your face is structurally possible and inform you all the way through the designing phase how it is going. We do a mini consult, design the brows and then do the actual procedure.
You should feel very comfortable with your artist. The pictures you have seen from the artist should be many in number… and they should show something similar to what you wish to have in a similar shape, design or technique application applied to your face.
Each face is different, and it is Gina’s goal to design the most beautiful age defying brow possible to serve you for many many years to come. There is a perfect brow shape for every face. Personality adds to the design also. We can talk about that later.
Remember Don’t skimp on something that is Permanent! Call for you appointment today and lets design the perfect shape for you!
Here’s to many years of Beautiful Eye Framing EyeBrows.

Utah Permanent Cosmetics
Gina Hamilton CPCP, LC, PMU Artist