Laminated Eyebrows Utah

Announcing… “EYEBROW LAMINATION” as A NEW addition to our brow menu!

Are your brow hairs unruly, wild, too long, too curly, or maybe just are growing into a shapeless mess?

Maybe the hairs are “there”… but they are just not in the correct place!

We can tame those unruly brow hairs in an painless semi-permanent procedure that will give you a long lasting brow hair shape. Brow color tint can also be applied to fit your new look.

Gina at Utah Permanent Cosmetics will shape the natural hairs with no permanent make up applied or will apply over any “healed” micro-bladed eyebrow treatments.

A beautiful way to tell your brows who’s boss and shape in a beautiful position that will last 6-8 weeks!

Natural brows can be made to contour in a more beautiful shape that will beautifully frame your face every single day with. Wake up and simply comb into perfect place.

Schedule your new EYEBROW LAMINATION treatment today!

NEW spring 2022 look – limited time special only $40.00 for lamination & tint both! (Offer expires May 31, 2022)
prices will then return to $50.00 lamination & $15.00 Tint… $65.00



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