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About Gina J Hamilton.

Licensed Cosmetologist, Board Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician since 1997, Experienced in Artistic Design, Health & Wellness Coach, Essential Oil specialist. Gina is a Lifetime member of prestigious www.spcp.org assuring you the professionalism & care you deserve. Gina is committed in continued learning & education and continually seeks opportunities to learn and mentor with those in the industry thus always on the cutting edge of any new and advanced techniques. Be reassured of always receiving the most up to date information & services from Image Perfect Studios!

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Come, be pampered in a Private, Beautiful Atmosphere! Today is the day to give yourself the Unique Gift of Permanent Make Up! All information is held in the highest confidence… This is our promise to you.

You can always expect the highest Integrity, professionalism & design with Image Perfect Studios. It’s our attention to the finest details which make us unique and sought after in the health and beauty world for taking great time in beautifying each special new client’s appearance through the art of Permanent Cosmetics. You wear our Seal of approval. Your beauty, wellness, & health is important to us.


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Be Smart Ask Your Technician Questions.

Is Your Technician Licensed?

The technician must have passed their state test for communicable diseases and blood borne pathogens and posess a business license. These must be posted in a conspicuous place.

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Are you Insured?

(Remember, if doing Permanent Makeup in a non-licensed facility or home…..Insurance is null and void). Avoid these sorts of situations by all costs as they might carry consequences that will affect you heavily.

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Pictures Speak a 1000 Words!!!

View as many before and after photos by asking your technician and making sure all photos are authentic. Not only does this bring peace of mind, it allows you to clearly understand the work your technician can deliver.

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Read Testimonials Carefully.

Don’t base your decision on price, instead base it on Experience, Artistic Skill, Photos and Credentials! This is your face, trust it to an experienced & skilled ARTIST…. So please do your research!

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What type of Permanent Cosmetic Service is best for MY eyebrows?

POWDER FILL TECHNIQUE: This type is the most commonly seen, however, if you have seen it around, then you haven’t seen it done well. Powder fill techniques and pigments have come a LONG way and the results that I have with my clients are VERY soft and powdery, undetectable from traditional cosmetic pencils, except that they are perfectly applied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This method has been very popular around the world for decades. Often European clients (and others) will request a “BLOCK” brow. This is similar to the powder fill, although it uses concentrated pigments that are implanted in a very dense manner. I do offer this service, VERY SELECTIVELY, as this is the most permanent of all of the brow techniques, therefore requires a very serious, very long term commitment.

HAIR STROKE TECHNIQUE: This type of brow is taking the internet by storm. The service is done using the same type of equipment as a powder brow, although using a different needle type. Once your shape has been drawn, each hair stroke is individually implanted with pigment to give the appearance of actual “hairs” in a beautiful pattern. The simulated hairs are not “mirror imaged” from one brow to another, they flow with your natural hairs that are growing in your brow area.

MICROBLADING TECHNIQUE: (AKA: feather brows, embroidery brows) It would be difficult to differentiate between this and the hair stroke technique at a glance. This type of brow results in VERY FINE AND NATURAL looking hairs. This technique is performed using a manual tool (no machine). The simulated hairs are not “mirror imaged” from one brow to another, they flow with your natural hairs that are growing in your brow area.

HD BROW DRAWING TEMPORARY ARTISTIC SERVICE: This is a NON-invasive drawn on procedure that is NOT permanent. The purpose of this service is to demonstrate how a properly shaped brow can frame your face and change your appearance. Before and After pictures are provided, and you have the opportunity to learn how to replicate this look using traditional cosmetics. This can serve as an appointment to investigate if permanent cosmetics will be eventually right for you.


ARE PERMANENT COSMETICS really permanent? Do I have to REPEAT THE SERVICE again?

All permanent cosmetic procedures FADE, some may fade away completely over time. This is a good thing. You actually WANT them to fade in time! This is your FACE. If you think about how your face changes over time and with age, you will be happy to know that in later years as your face may droop or change, your PMU will gently fade. You can be happy to know that at a later date, you may adjust the shape and symmetry as needed or desired. There are many factors that affect the length of time that you will be satisfied with the appearance of your pigment. The pigment particles are placed into the dermal layer of the skin and remain there permanently, hence the name PERMANENT cosmetics. This is not meant to imply that your pigments will look the same forever…
Utah Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing Studios advise to refrain from all color boosting services for as long as possible, using traditional cosmetics to enhance your fading pigment. This will ensure a truly “fresh” boost when the time comes and protects the integrity of the skin. A MINIMUM of 18 months after your perfecting appointment is advised. You may not want to come back for a decade. Due to the fabulous pigment line that Utah Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic uses for all of its services, you are not committed in any way to continuous maintenance, your pigment will simply fade away slowly over time, however, because we are absolutely certain that you will LOVE your results, we are sure we will see you back!
POWDER FILL TECHNIQUE: Color boosts may be requested every 2 – 10 years. (The BLOCK type (see above) of course will have a VERY long result, but is discouraged in most situations).

HAIR STROKE TECHNIQUE: This procedure is VERY delicate, and aftercare is the key to a great healed result. Proper aftercare and the right skin type and color should result in a service that last 18 months to 3 years or longer.

MICROBLADING TECHNIQUE: This procedure is EXTREMELY delicate and aftercare is the key to a great healed result. Proper aftercare and the right skin type and color should result in a service that last 9 months to 2 years or longer.

HD BROW SERVICE: This is not a permanent service. This is a cosmetic service with temporary results. Is one type of service BETTER for me?…See next page
Is one type of service better for me?

YES – most clients have certain factors that GREATLY influence the success of Permanent Cosmetic Services. Answering a few simple questions really helps in deciding which technique is right for you.

1. Is your skin OILY with LARGE PORES? ~If the answer is YES, you are a fabulous candidate for permanent cosmetics, because you are most likely struggling with keeping your cosmetics in place. If you have this skin type you are NOT a candidate for either of the hair simulation techniques (Hair stroke or microblading.) Your skin type will simply not allow the delicate hair strokes to heal within the skin. The powder fill technique will be BEAUTIFUL for you for many years. **Medications often prescribed for troubled skin are also a red flag that you should wait for your service. Those on ACCUTANE must wait a full calendar year prior to obtaining permanent cosmetic services.

2. Are you very fair and afraid of too much color? ~If the answer is YES – you are probably one of the gorgeous faces that would see a very dramatic and wonderful ‘lift’ to your appearance if your natural brows have not been giving you the frame that most of my clients are requesting. If this describes your skin and fears you are NOT a candidate for either of the hair simulation techniques (Hair stroke or microblading.) Very light pigment will simply not implant when we attempt to place these delicate strokes within your skin. The powder filled brow, when done properly, can produce a very soft, very natural, “barely there” brow that will give your face a proper frame that you will absolutely adore the results. I can almost guarantee that you’ll be coming to see me every few years once you have your first service!

3. Are you loving the look of the hair simulation techniques, but afraid of the commitment? Alternatively are you hoping for a result that will last for years with little maintenance? ~If you answered NO to question 1 and 2, and are interested in the hair simulation technique, then look at the longevity and think about that factor to make your decision. If you are the kind of person that wants to have the service done once and then forget about it for years to come, then maybe you should look at the powder filled brow option.

4. Do you have a suntan? ~If you answered YES to this question, please reschedule your appointment and consider 30 days clear of sun exposure on either side of your appointment. Tanned skin is damaged skin, and your color will not heal properly

5. Are you addicted to the gym and working out? Are you in body competitions or training for an upcoming event? Are you an avid swimmer?
~Interestingly, YOU are a perfect person for our services, HOWEVER, if the answer is YES you really need to think about the investment that you are about to make.
The powder filled brows will heal BEAUTIFULLY with 1 week of proper care. Both hair simulation techniques require TWO WEEKS OF CARE. Any perspiration or over exertion will compromise this work of art I have just placed in your skin. SALT is used to REMOVE pigment, and hundreds of talented, educated technicians have all been documenting results that have shown a DRAMATIC improvement in retaining pigment if you can make this commitment to the healing time. Please don’t book if you can’t make this commitment. Remember, it is just as important to me that your brows heal amazing.

6. Are you really interested, but also really scared? ~If the answer is YES, then please come in for an HD brow service. This requires no commitment, and may help you to make a decision that you feel 100% confident about. Please research, and go through my portfolio thoroughly. If I can sense that you are scared, or doing this because someone talked you into it, I may decline your service.

7. Do you have existing hairs that are very light or white? ~If the answer is YES, than you would need to think about maintenance. White hairs are more visible on the surface of all of the pigment techniques. A very soft powder filled brow behind the light hairs is BEAUTIFUL. If you are certain that you want more color in your pigment, then you need to realize that maintenance of your natural hairs will be required. Tinting your natural hairs ongoing is one option, or shaving or waxing is another.
It is important to realize that white, very light or clear brows create a beautiful dimension to a soft powdery brow without locking you into ongoing weekly maintenance.
Alternatively, creating a slightly bolder frame to your face can appear to take years off a maturing face and create an illusion of an eye lift.
This is really a personal decision that only you can make. Remember, if we start light, we can always add some additional color. I would recommend trying the soft powdery brow first, we can add some depth at your perfecting appointment or a future color boost if you decide.

I hope this information helps you to make a decision about which service to schedule with Utah Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing. We are strongly committed to providing services that are a natural enhancement to your already beautiful face.

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