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“Gina’s Designer Eyebrows”

Many are using the term 3-D Brows!  It is simply individual Hair eyebrows. This is an ADVANCED technique so choose carefully. Why choose 3-D or Natural Hair Stroke Brows? When you have lost hair due to age, illness, thyroid or medical condition it is up to you to choose what you will feel most comfortable with in replacing what you have lost. We think the 3-D eyebrow hair simulation is very beautiful and will give you years of natural looking soft hair-like brows.

More and more women are asking about our Natural hair Eyebrows! Choose from a soft blended powdered eyebrow or choose Natural Hair Stroke Brows that are truly 3D! Many people will have to take a second look to see if you really have hair or not. Both these choices are perfect. Gina has created her own technique which adds enough color through the hair strokes that you can have as much depth of color as you wish… depending on how we apply the strokes. Many women still want that soft powdered solid brow and if you have enough hair naturally it is beautiful and will make you very happy.

Gina Designs every brow shape perfectly for your particular bone structure, face and desire for conservative or Exotic and Bold… pushing only to the limits of your personal style and shape guidelines. There is an optimal shape for each face type but the lines may be pushed gently towards the beautiful extreme that we decide together if it is right for you. Remember… Eyebrows are sisters… Not Twins! We can decide what shape is best for you. You may schedule a Free 15 minute Consultation.

Upon Consultation Prices will reflect your Personal Designer choice!

Prices start at 395.00 per design. Packages are available upon request

Contact Gina Hamilton for more information

Why Lip Color???

Lips are an Advanced Technique. Gina has been doing lips for over 18 years.I am very selective on who I choose to go ahead and do lip color on. Some Wrinkly lips will not have a good result. We can decide if your lips are conducive to the lip implantation at your consultation. Please Contact Gina for further information.

  • So you can literally Wake Up with Make Up
  • No more faded, unattractive looking lips
  • create a beautiful shape where there perhaps is none
  • even lines and create a beautiful full lip
  • Ease of lifestyle, just add Gloss and you’re off!


  • Lip Liner Blend – perfect for lips on the go.
  • Full Lip color
  • Lip Liner only.

Gina favorite is the “Lip Liner Blend” as it is the most natural way to define and shade lips that accommodate any gloss or lip tint. Easy and Smart! Lip color adds vibrancy, fullness and contour to the face that lasts and lasts. Every Woman old or Young can benefit from an added punch of vibrant lip color. As we age we lose the color to the Vermillion Line of the lips… Gina can restore that youthful line with color and bring back a youthfulness that will make you smile!

Before any lip procedure it is imperative that you take Zovirax or other Cold Sore medication as if you have EVER had any type of cold sore this procedure will bring it out. No exceptions! Call your doctor and have him prescribe at least 5 days of the anti cold sore medication and take at least 24-48 hours before any lip appointment!

Prices start at 350.00 Packages are available upon request

Contact Gina Hamilton for more information


“Gina’s Designer Eyeliner”

Eyeliner can be amazing to open up the smallest of eyes and to create a more beautiful shape you may have never imagined. In the hands of a skilled technician at Image Perfect Studios you can have your eyes shaped with the simple addition of the correct position of a line, knowing where to add the thickness and the taper to create the most beautiful eyeliner you can imagine. Gina can get closer to your natural lash line if desired than you ever could with traditional Make up.


  • Lash Enhancement which adds the very minimal line to look most natural.
  • Winged and Lifted Liner for the most lift
  • Barely there color and definition
  • Big and Bold
  • Eyeliner can open eyes and add color when missing lashes, too light or thinning lashes
  • Perfect for a smudge Free lifestyle
  • Literally Wake up with Make Up
  • For those whose eyes are very allergic or run often
  • For those who do not know how to apply eyeliner
  • Perfectly shaped eyeliner every day!
  • For those Visually impaired who cannot see or may not have a steady hand any longer

Gina will create the perfect Eyeliner for you.

Prices start at 395.00 Packages are available upon request

  • Please bring glasses to your appointment and be prepared to wear them for at least 24 hours after your procedure.
  • No mascara for at least 7 days.
  • Use provided ointment for at least 7-10 days. Use sparingly and apply often. More is not better. Do not apply too much as it will get into eyes and cause irritation!
  • If you have allergies or runny, teary eyes, please plan accordingly. Take a Benedryl or allergy medication so your eyes will be ready for your procedure. Overly teary eyes are wet, & salty and excessive tearing can pull out color.
  • If you use Latisse or LI Lash or any other Lash Growth Enhancement fluid… You must be warned that they increase blood flow to the lashes which is why you must stop the serum for at least 4 weeks before your appointment as it will make your eyes bleed and push out color.

You cannot use again until at least 2-3 weeks after your touch up.

Contact Gina Hamilton for more information

“Artistic Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting”

Eyebrows make your features look amazing when they are applied or shaped with a purpose and direction. I have seen many women come in my studio who say they have just had their eyebrows waxed… upon looking it is true… they have simply had them waxed!

I say this because there is a difference between waxing and shaping! It takes an artistic eye to know what to remove and how to remove it. If you have nice brow hair we take great pride in shaping it perfectly and trimming and if needed tinting the hair so you can receive your optimal “LOOK” that will make you feel and look your very best. Trust your eyebrow needs to only the best… it makes all the difference!


“Paramedical and Nipple Areola Re-Pigmentation”

Cancer patients and those seeking re-pigmentation for lost color or nipple.

Prices start at 350.00 and special considerations are available upon request…


“Keep it Fresh!”

Congratulations! You are now part of the Image Perfect Family. Permanent Make Up is very long lasting, however it does need a color boost every 1-5 years. Due to the abundance of over the counter drugs, glycolic acids, Sun Exposure, Active Lifestyle, you may find that your color does not last as long as you had anticipated. No worries. The colors we use for facial applications are made just for the face to avoid migration/spreading of traditional “ink” tattoo colors. This would be terrible on the face as they would “move” over years of time. Below are lists of prices according to time in-between Color Boosts.

Note: Prices are subject to change due to personal and individual circumstances, Image Perfect reserves the right to make changes at any time after this publication date. After initial visit 1 Free touch up session is included. ***A small needle set up fee will be charged per visit, no exceptions. Within 3-months…. A needle set up fee charge for minor color missing.

12 months —- $125.00

24 months—–$225.00

36 months—-$325.00


***Any touch ups after 3 years will be 325.00 unless the color is nearly INVISIBLE, which would be the full charge to start over without incurring Needle set up fee. Thank you for your continued Patronage and trust here at Image Perfect Studios. We strive to provide the Very Best in adding many BEAUTIFUL years to your personal Image!

You can visit us anytime online at or call 435-755-5873. Here’s to a Beautiful New You!

Sincerely, Gina J Hamilton CPCP, Licensed Cosmetologist, Providence, UT 84332

Contact Gina Hamilton for more information


***Please Note: A 48 Hour notice is required for change of appointment or a 45.00 fee will be charged. Image Perfect Permanent make Up Studios reserves the right to deny service to any customer per our discretion if appointments are not kept. Please be courteous of our time as we are of yours.Change of appointment or cancellation is appreciated 72 hours before scheduled time of appointment without charge.

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