Client Testimonials

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“Gina, Thanks again for all your help. I’m really enjoying my new perfect permanent eyeliner…( I could have never drawn it on as well as you have done it). I am also enjoying all the new products I am using. I will be in touch with you for more great products, beauty secrets and possibly more permanent make up! Thanks again!

Statement: I came to Gina to remove some uneven permanent eyeliner that was done by someone else several years ago. She was able to repair and remove the problem areas with NO scarring. Because she did so well at the removal, I was confident in allowing her to totally re-do my eyeliner. I was amazed at how perfectly even and beautiful she made it. My eyes are bright and gorgeous now. I only wish I would have gone to Gina the first time. If you are considering Permanent make Up… Gina Hamilton is the only one I would recommend!”    —-DeAnn Wood


“I truly love my permanent eyeliner. I love the way it looks and the time it saves me. I feel naked without eyeliner and now I can just get up and go with confidence. Gina is great to make you feel comfortable and I am confident she will always make me look my best”   —Julie W


“For 25 years I have penciled on my eyebrows. (I have naturally brown hair & very blonde eyebrows) Before my permanent brows, I took my make up everywhere I went just in case one eyebrow got smudged off. It was a constant stress. Of course swimming was a nightmare. Since I have had the procedure I have not stressed about my eyebrows EVER!!! I have been swimming and totally enjoyed myself. Who could understand how Permanent eyebrows actually changed my life?? Only those who’ve lived with “invisible” brows. So HAPPY I did this!” —Camille W


“I definitely have more confidence in myself. I feel more beautiful and also less stressed! My eyebrows no longer cause me worry because I am exercising. I want to go swimming or camping in the mountains now. I can wake up beautiful! I also have been surprised to find the impact it has had on my interpersonal relationships… especially with my husband. He has commented that I look less worried, anxious, or stressed and that now he has an easier time reading my expressions all because Gina knew what shape to give my particular bone structure and features. This has been great for our marriage!!! Who knew the shape of your brows could be so very, very important! Thank You Gina!!! —- Chelsea C D


“Having Permanent make up has been transformational for me in my life. I had given up on thinking I could ever be pretty again. I put on quite a bit of weight. I had my eyeliner & brows done which opened them up… in fact the brow shape itself was very flattering. I started to believe I could be pretty & took more pride in my appearance which put me on a new path that has taken my whole life in a new direction. I am much more positive. I can even say that I feel pretty again. My face is happy and glowing! Thank you Gina!!!”


“I love it! Gina is such a professional. I am so picky and she was so patient with me. I am extremely pleased with the results and her friendly atmosphere and personality. You would be very pleased with her and her services and expertise! ”   —–Lisa C Smith


“I came to Gina through several recommendations from family and friends. I couldn’t be happier with my eyeliner. It makes my life so much easier. I have to keep looking in the mirror. It’s PERFECT!” Thanks Gina”   —–Mary

“I have loved my new eyebrows! I am blonde and was worried about being too dark… Gina did a fantastic job!”    ————–Darlene P


I love the eyeliner! It saves me so much time and gives my eyes the definition they really needed. Thank You Gina so much! ” —–Kathy B P


“I have extremely enjoyed visiting with Gina and getting my new eyeliner done. My kids have been wanting me to get a tattoo for a long time! I finally did it! The Permanent eyeliner has made my getting ready to go a lot faster!”——— Kelly Ann P


“It is so nice to have one less make up application to do. The eyeliner actually makes my eyes stand out and they look good even before I apply any make up. My friends were so impressed when they saw me in the hospital & it looked like I had already done my make up when actually it was just my eyeliner. As I get older, I need all the help I can get. Gina is Darling and very meticulous with her great work!”

Ceryl Parker


“Gina made the experience so much easier. I am so happy & excited to have my permanent make up. It has already made such an impact in my daily routine. It has been so easy to go out with just my eyeliner on when needed! Thanks Gina!   —Allison M


“Gina was right… I should have done this sooner! So pleased with the results. Gina is very professional. Nearly painless and easy. I loved how she made everything perfect… and gave me just what I needed and wanted. So friendly and great to work with!”     —–anonymous



“I am super happy with the results on my eyebrows. I feel very pretty! It is so nice to leave the shower and be ready without taking all that time to do my brows anymore. I had my eyeliner done also today. I am loving it already! Thanks Gina!”   —–Angie Lopez


“Best decision I ever made! I can’t believe how realistic my eyebrows look and the confidence they have given me. I save so much time in the morning and now have perfect Eyebrows!!! Gina is amazing. My only regret is that I should have done this years ago! I feel so pretty and back to normal. Now I can swim and feel confident. I recommend this to everyone who has experienced life without eyebrows! Hands down the best decision I ever made!”    —–Stephanie Davis


“Gina made me feel completely at ease without trying to “talk me into” anything. There was very minimal pain and it was very tolerable. The results were far beyond my expectations! They look very natural and not overdone. The color is perfect for my skin- I will definitely be back and plan to recommend Gina to everyone considering permanent make up. It was well worth the time and money! Thank you Gina!      —-Donna C


I LOVE my eyebrows! Gina you are amazing!  —Sherri Bradshaw


“I was so excited to have it done! This is the best thing I have ever done since having my children!  —-Cathy Ball


“I would and have recommended Gina to anyone who is seeking Permanent Make up. Not only is she amazing what she does… she is also a great person. I love having the new found confidence in myself that Gina helped me get. I have my brows and lips done and do not regret for one second. I only wished I had done it sooner” …..Anonymous

“I will be turning 60 next month and I was really needing something to boost my spirits. My new eyebrows did the trick! I LOVE them! Gina was Fabulous! I really should have done this sooner” –Leslie Clark

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