Ombré Eyebrows Utah

You find asking yourself What in the world are Ombré eyebrows???

Well, We’ve had balayage hair, ombré hair, lips and also nails; so… naturally, it’s time for Ombre’ eyebrows to take the lead…

As we say at Utah Permanent Cosmetics,… It’s time for you to get your Ombr’ow on!!!

Catch the newest trend for eyebrows… yes even more trending than Microblading the eyebrows. You must do your homework to find a skilled technician as these procedures take years to master. Gina Hamilton at Utah Permanent Cosmetics has had over 20 years experience in the Permanent Cosmetics field, and stays on top of her artistic game.

Gone are the days where solid eyebrows with dark, black, or unnatural looking colors (that people still talk about today with dread) ruled the PMU world! Solid eyebrows can now be more solid and yet still be softly beautiful if done correctly, by the right technician who knows how to apply them with beautifully fade the edges just as we do here at Utah Permanent Cosmetics.

If you’re a dark brunette and you decide to go blonde, chances are, your heavy-set brows will be a little too stark next to your Kardashian-bright locks. But sometimes, lightening your brows in one fell swoop can be just as unnatural. Let us help you with color choices.

“Ombré eyebrows… if done correctly, should be a little lighter on the inside, from about the middle of the brow in toward her nose.” Instead of lightening the color of the brows towards the end where there tends to be less to work with, Gina darkens the arch area and tail to accentuate the shape and create a beautiful drama. The top of the arch should be soft and powdery as well as all the edges on the top. Your input is always listened to and used according to your beauty desires and needs.

The darker the hair of the client, the darker and more dramatic the eyebrows can be, but it takes an artistic well trained eye to create the most beautiful appealing look that will last for years.
Call Gina at Utah Permanent Cosmetics today to schedule your NEW Ombré Eyebrows and stay on trend. Microblading is still really hot in 2016 and we are booked for up to 8 weeks for this amazing procedure. Go from so-so to WOW in just a few hours. We service clients from all over Northern Utah, including Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Logan/Cache Valley.

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