Pigments, Potential & Perceived Problems unmasked.

It has come to my attention that someone in the SALT LAKE CITY area has had a post on the internet about pigments and instilling a fear about Iron Oxides which has frightened or concerned many people with untrue, false and misleading information. This is wrong and only a deceptive tactic to get you to come to them only to discover that the pigments they use will move and “migrate” and look unnatural in years to come.

There is a company with a story around every corner and I think it is time you learn the facts of what is a REAL concern and what is total bunk to try to get your business through means of fear tactics.

We here at Utah Permanent Cosmetics take extreme caution and pride in the work we do and if there were a concern with our pigments (as there were years ago with companies like Sof Tap as well as a few others) we have taken action to immediately discontinue the use and transmission of them into the skin. We take great care in making sure all the pigments, supplies, needles, etc are top notch and the very best quality to assure you the very best outcome of your potential procedure that will give you years of beautiful results.

No more waking up with the anxiety of having to draw yet another day, poorly shaped eyebrows just to have them wipe off in the following few hours at work or play.

Please click on this link HERE to find a great article that a colleague of mine with many, many years of experience has written to dispel these lies and show forth the truth of Permanent Cosmetic Pigments. I hope this will answer any questions some of you may have and give you the peace of mind to move forward with confidence with Utah Permanent Cosmetics. quality work and tools.

We are excited to help you discover the ease of everyday life with the most beautiful natural looking 3D-Natural looking Eyebrows, Designer Eyeliner, or Beautifully colored Gloss and Go Lips, Full or Lined Lips that will enhance your very most beautiful features, frame your eyes perfectly, and give you years of beauty and confidence.

Give us a call as soon as you know your time frame as we book up quickly, and we will be happy to schedule your life changing appointment.

It’s time to Wake Up With Make Up and find your new beautiful striking confidence!

~Beautifully Yours, Gina