Micro Hair Strokes…

Hi everyone,
It has been an amazing 2015 already! So busy with new techniques and new products to share with you! Trying to “do it all” has been quite a challenge as my priorities are with you, my clients making sure each and every procedure is as perfect as possible for the conditions we are dealing with such as, skin thick/thin-ness, excessive varieties of skin issues that can arise with any human, ppl on blood thinners or thin blood that bleed out color, and just plain making sure our design and technique is perfect for your skin type and your desired look.
We are almost finished with our first quarter and so much to do! I will try to get more new photos on the site for your updated looks. Clients are so excited about their newly grown hair on their eyebrows. What an amazing transformation to grow hair where before was none! This is exciting stuff. Please follow me on Twitter at utahmakeup or on Instagram at UtahPermanentCosmetics
or on Facebook as lipkisslips
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